The Species of Airth

The world of Airth is populated by several exotic humanoid species. All of these species originated from a common human origin that diversified after the catastrophe at Babile about 3000 years ago. Below are SOME of the known species. Others will be added as they are discovered.

* Art Credits – Images by Nahuel Ventura




An adult aerling stands six feet tall, weighs ninety pounds, and has a pair of impressive wings that extend eight feet from his broad shoulders. His legs are strong for jumping and launching himself into flight but are not well suited for movement on the ground. His talon feet are strong enough to hold double his body weight without fear. Brightly colored, very tiny, soft feathers cover his head, and sometimes his entire body.


An adult dwarf stands four feet tall and weighs 160 pounds. He is broad shouldered, quite stocky, and strong. Dwarves have ruddy complexions in all shades of natural rock colors: brown, gray, and black. All dwarves are covered in various lengths of body hair, which helps to maintain consistent body temperature while living underground. Male dwarves wear their beards as status symbols; the longer the beard, the more important the dwarf. Female dwarves have short, thin, fur-like facial hair.


Elves are faint to medium green, fair-skinned, light-haired, slender humanoids with bright, twinkling blue to forest-green eyes. They stand five feet tall and weigh one hundred pounds. Dressed in well-fitting clothes of green, gold, and brown, their stately bearing and pointed ears make them memorable sights to behold.


Gnomes are small folk who stand three feet tall and weigh only sixty pounds. Their medium to dark-brown skin, gray or brown eyes, and brown or black hair allow them to blend fairly well into any natural environment. They are friends to all AirthTM animals and are rarely seen without four-footed companions.


Standing at a little more than three feet tall and weighing eighty pounds, derived from half a human’s size, halflings’ skin colors vary from the lightest tan through medium chocolate. They love to wear soft, furry moccasins, causing many observers to comment on their “furry feet.” Halflings are the only humanoid species with absolutely no magical spell ability of any kind or color. They are creatures totally of the real world—so much so, in fact, that they are nearly immune to everything magical.


Humans stand 5.5 feet tall and weigh 150 pounds. They had the natural mental abilities of the original humanoid species, but due to the conclave they lost them and never acquired the ability to enchant their homeland. Human venturers of all classes have discovered that when they spend substantial time living among any of the humanoid species with natural magic, they gain the capacity to learn and utilize one species spell of the species among which they are living.


An adult meren is six feet tall, weighs 185 pounds, and is very well built. He has webbed feet and hands, and his entire body is covered with tiny, multicolored scales. The scales may be of any color or pattern; the most common are very similar to a rainbow trout. Though normally water dwellers, meren may survive on land for short periods by fully submerging their faces and gills for at least thirty minutes every twelve hours.