The Lost Tomb – expanded

The Lost Tomb – an introductory scenario into the Venturers of Airth FRPG System by RJ Borton
© Venturers of Airth® Publications, 2017 “All Rights Reserved”

A minor earthquake uncovered a hillside entrance leading to a dark, underground passage, which appears to be an ancient tomb. Your party of brave venturers has been contracted by the leaders of the local farming community to explore it and report your findings. The terms of the contract allow you to keep anything of purely artistic or monetary value, but you are committed to presenting all magical and enchanted items to the local council for disposition and/or safekeeping.

GM Notes:  To prepare for this scenario, you, the GM, must customize the interior to balance the number and strength of your adventuring party. For ease of play in this initial scenario, all passages within the tomb are a consistent ten feet wide and ten feet high. Please follow the steps below and place objects where you logically believe they should be. Add additional rooms, passages and ‘stuff’, as YOU deem logical and required. YOU are the Game Master.