Venturers of Airth®

Venturers of Airth - game cover

In Venturers of Airth®, you gather your friends and let your imaginations run free in a mystical, Tolkien-esque world where magical creatures rule and surprises lurk around every corner.

Before the adventure begins, you get to learn all about the unique inhabitant of Airth you’re about to become. Roll the dice and use your own ideas to come up with a character that is uniquely you—whether you’re a rock-collecting elf with an attitude problem, or a socially awkward wizard who loves to sing off-key.

Role-play your character with caution, however, because your fellow gamers will be carefully watching everything you do and say, and players will be held accountable for all actions. Not to mention that death, as in the more mundane Earth, is final and permanent!

This definitive rulebook includes all the information you need to start role playing Venturers of Airth®. It includes player character creation, storyline ideas, and general gameplay tips. And now that fantasy role playing has joined the digital age, no paperwork or physical dice are necessary, You, as a member of our Venturers Guild, may optionally use your smart phone or computer for character generation using our proprietary Character Generator application.

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Game Resources

Here you will find downloadable Venturer Record Sheets (VRS), blank hex tiles, mobile apps and additional material to enhance your Venturers of Airth®,  player experience.   Click here


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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