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Tales of Airth

The Tales of Airth® are the tales of the original Doyen of magic, the origin of dragons and stories of the daily lives of folk around the world. We will be posting stories of the fantastic World of Airth as they are written or discovered.

Board Game Players

Discover how the Venturers from the Table Top board Game (TTG) came to be at the Lodestar Inn on that fateful day.
Additional backstories are coming soon.

Creature Tales

Discover how the various creatures came to exist on Airth.
The history of Dragons and the mystical Espringles will be coming soon.

The Doyen’s Tales

Discover more about the original five students at the School of Esper Arts who became the Doyen and who where the focus and cause of the events at Babile that brought magic to the world of Airth. These will be coming soon.

  • Doyen Tlar’s Tale
  • Doyen LeZerick’s Tale
  • Doyen Richard’s Tale
  • Doyen Miranda’a Tale
  • Doyen Kareena’s Tale


  • History of the Dragons