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The Last Tale of T’Lar takes place in the world of Airth™ where, after mankind scattered from the infamous tower of Babile, it didn’t go on to create tools to accomplish its goals, but instead, focused on harnessing the power of magic.  The Last Tale of T’Lar chronicles the journey of seven humanoid adventurers mysteriously called into a quest to summon the world’s two most powerful wizards to an epic battle that can only occur in one place—the original site where magic was born.

The evil wizard LeZarick is determined to rule this fragile world and believes that he, and only he, is destined to do so. A man devoid of mercy, he will do whatever it takes to prevail, including killing any and all who oppose him. LeZarick’s only potential adversary is his one-time friend, T’Lar, a legendary, peaceful wizard, who LeZarick has imprisoned, helpless, in his dungeon. But despite his predicament, T’Lar, too, is determined—he must put an end to LeZarick’s drive for domination, at any cost. With no other options, T’Lar sets into motion a dangerous plan, which lures the seven adventurers into a quest that carries them through unimaginable perils and epic battles. The Last Tale of T’Lar chronicles their amazing journey and provides the history of the mysterious world Airth.

Led by a flamboyant, traveling bard, the adventurers must brave the mysterious land and combat depraved monsters, creatures of destruction, and evil armies if they are to succeed—though even their success could ultimately result in more devastation. Bringing together these two great wizards means that one will be destroyed, and whoever survives will have the fate of the world in his command.

The Last Tale of T’Lar is full of action, suspense, and highly imaginative speculation. It’s sure to appeal to fans of fantasy fiction, as well as to those interested in FRPG-style gaming.

The principal characters in this tale all have interesting Back Stories which very briefly summarize their lives and background up to the moment they enter the tale.  Please click HERE or use the Menu on the Right to read them.

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