The Bus – Introduction to FRP Gaming


The Bus – an introductory scenario into the Venturers of Airth FRPG System by RJ Borton
© Venturers of Airth® Publications, 2017 “All Rights Reserved”

Setting: A group of high school alumni are returning on a common, yellow school bus from their High School Rival’s Home Coming Game.  Their Rival not only defeated them, but totally demolished their defense so that the score was embarrassing!  The bus is a typical, old yellow school bus predating the seatbelt laws. The driver is middle-aged, male, dressed in tan jeans, a baggy sweatshirt and wearing a local pro team baseball cap. He is concentrating on driving and totally not talkative. Nothing is special nor noticeable about either the driver or the bus.

Start: Your long, return bus ride has been very quiet and somber. Everyone is withdrawn. No one is up to talking. The driver is, quite professionally, ‘in his own world’ and will not converse with any of you, his passengers. The time is around 10:30 PM. The location is approaching ‘Your Home Town’.
The weather has been shifting from bad to worse over the past ten minutes of so. The sky is so dark that the moon and stars are lost in the blackness. The wind has developed a deep growl. It feels like a major thunder storm is unfolding, but there is no rain. Distant thunder rumbles can be heard rapidly approaching. There is a static electric tingle in the air. Some of the ladies with fine hair find it standing up, reaching for the roof of the bus. Everyone on the bus is now wide awake and silently gripping their seat or the hand of the person beside them. Something is about to happen!

The entire Scenario is ONLY AVAILABLE to GAME MASTERS