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The world of Airth is similar to Earth.  The create cataclysm at Babile caused the earth to shift creating new mountains and bringing previously unknown resources to the surface.  Mount Fire and the gnome hill lands are a result of the changes to the planet.  Weather patterns also changed allowing previous deserts to become lush forests.  The unleashing of magical energy from Babile began shaping Airth as we know it today.
Many of the cities and trade routes are similar to those of the Roman Empire.  The lands to the north and the isle of Magabir remain largely unexplored as these where the domain of the great wizard LaZerick.

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Airth World-map4

Map of Airth

Discover the known world, the homelands of the species and major cities.

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Airth Species Height-Chart

Species of Airth

The world of Airth is populated by several exotic humanoid species. All of these species originated from a common human origin that diversified after the catastrophe at Babile about 3000 years ago. Discover more about the denizens of Airth and the types of characters you can play.

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world of Airth - classes

Venturer Classes

Venturers are a special type of humanoid from all of the species that possess unique abilities and the will to explore the world. Discover more about the Venturers of Airth and their unique skills.

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