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Stories of Airth

Welcome to the Stories of Airth.  Here we will provide information on all of the stories, tales and legends from the magical, fantasy world of Airth.  


Tales of Airth®

From the tales of the original Doyen of magic, and the origin of dragons, to the daily lives of folk around the world, we will be posting stories of the people, wizards and ‘other creatures’ inhabiting and vying for control of the fantastic World of Airth.  Click here.


The Last Tale of T’Lar

Last Tale of T'Lar - front coverThe Last Tale of T’Lar is set in a fantasy world where magic prevails and technology is stymied. The Last Tale of T’Lar chronicles the journey of seven humanoid adventurers mysteriously called into a quest to summon the world’s two most powerful wizards to an epic battle that can only occur in one place—the original site where magic was born. Led by a flamboyant, traveling bard, the adventurers must brave the mysterious land and combat depraved monsters, creatures of destruction, and evil armies if they are to succeed! Even though their success could ultimately result in more devastation, they must prevail. Bringing together these two great wizards dictates that one will be destroyed! Whoever survives will have the fate of the world in his command.
The first book in the Tales of Airth® series, The Last Tale of T’Lar, is full of action, suspense, and highly imaginative speculation. It’s sure to appeal to fans of fantasy fiction, as well as to those interested in FRPG or TTG style gaming.   Find out More – Click here

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