TTG Team– Tournament – Multi-Group Rules

1.     Each gaming group of 4 is a team.

2.     ALL teams must abide by the same interpretation of the Epsilon rules. Questions and modifications shall be made prior to game start if possible.

3.     One specific Game Master shall be designated from among those presiding as the lead GM and shall settle all Game master questions, concerns and potential disputes. A non-playing game master may be designated the lead. All decisions of the lead Game Master are unchallengeable during the game and must be enforced equally and impartially by and through all gamers.

4.     The lead GM shall roll for Initiative for ALL groups at the start of each sequence.

5.     Each Game master shall be responsible for their team. Game Masters may make suggestions and offer advice to only their team members but MUST remain impartial and adhere to the rules for all decisions.

6.     All Game Masters shall synchronize the start of the First phase of each sequence between all groups. Once in play, each GM is totally in charge of their group’s sequences. Multiple combats may be resolved simultaneously. Players must still drop tiles and move according to their movement rate. This synchronization shall be in effect ONLY after and BETWEEN merged groups. Unmerged, additional groups progress independently until merger occurs.

7.     There is No Limit to the number of gaming groups, or teams, that can be merged simultaneously as each team has its own GM to synchronize the simultaneous activities.

8.     Gamers shall NOT be required to revive members of any opposing team(s) – however – robbing an unconscious gamer or taking any of their geld or possessions SHALL constitute immediate revival.

9.     At no time may a gamer self-inflict injury – it is simply not allowed. No suicide or ‘taking one for the team’.

10.  At no time may a gamer inflict any injury on a fellow team member – it is not allowed. No ‘mercy attacks’ to force revival and point recovery. If a fellow team member is in the area of effect of a proposed magical area attack that attack may NOT be utilized until the area is clear of team members.

11.  All gamers shall be limited to only 3 revivals. Upon the 4th defeat, a gamer shall be removed from the game and that team shall continue short by one member. The removed player’s token shall remain where it fell the final time and MAY be robbed by any gamer landing on any adjacent hex. It is suggested that an additional plastic clip be added to the top of each gamer’s Combat matrix to count the number of revivals.

12.  Upon a gamer’s first Revival they shall recover ½ of the MAR and PAR as normal. On the second Revival they shall recover only 1/3 of their MAR and PAR. On the third revival they shall recover a mere ¼ of their PAR and MAR. NOTE: Strategically, gamers must support their fellow team members.

13.  Whenever game mats/boards are linked, all relocation magic shall span the entire linked set regardless of the number of groups, boards or distance.

14.  Wandering Monsters shall cross between mats/boards without hindrance or difficulty.

15.  In any merged game or tournament where specific “Items” are required to be found, any team member in possession of one or more of these “items” constitutes the Team being in possession and the item MAY be passed between team members whenever they are in line-of-sight; the requirement of adjacent hex’s is removed. Other treasure and normal items are NOT affected by this rule.

16.  The merged REGULAR game is over when the last area in all combined mats/boards has been explored and resolved. The Winning Team is determined by the largest combined treasure.

17.  The merged TOURNAMENT game is over when the defined TASK has been completed – this may not be coincident with the last area being explored and resolved. The Winning Team resolved the TASK.


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