This is the Youngling or Children’s area where Airthurian material appropriate for our Younger Gamers is presented.  It contains Parent Downloadable coloring pages and special TTG Rules appropriate for younger gamers when playing under direct Parental Supervision. Venturers of Airth®, either the FRPG or the TTG is not recommended for children under the age of 13 without parental supervision. This section exists to promote quality Family Time within our hectic, mundane world.

The Youngling Area is freely available to all parents and adult users 18 years of age and older for use with their children.


Young Artist Coloring Pages

Click HERE for Young Artist Coloring Pages

These pages were created from the original artist digital art.  Enjoy them with your child with our compliments.


Future Artists

Click HERE for Future Artists – completed coloring pages submitted for your enjoyment

Parents may submit their children’s completed Artist Masterpieces. Please include ONLY the child’s first name and, optionally, their age.  Do NOT include any further identifying information. Submissions become the property of Venturers of Airth® Publications and may be altered, modified, and publicly displayed solely at our discretion.


Young Gamers TTG Rules

Click HERE for Young Gamers TTG Rules

This Junior Edition is a subset of the BASIC set and utilizes portions of the ALPHA RULES. No additional cards or supplies are required beyond the content of the Venturers of Airth ® BASIC or MASTER TTG game set.


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