♦ I wish to extend my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who played a part in the creation of the game Venturers of Airth® and the book The Last Tale of T’Lar.

♦ Special thanks to my loving and patient wife, Rita Ann, who has put up with my storytelling, eccentricity, and gaming for more than forty-two years.

♦ Special thanks to my children, Jason, Michael and Tiffany, for their creativity and feedback.

♦ Special thanks to my mother, Rose, who finally pushed me into publishing the stories and the game.

♦ Special thanks to Ken Leishman for creating the captivating covers for both the book The Last Tale of T’Lar and the game Venturers of Airth®. 

♦ Special thanks to Tara Spiecker, who took my ideas and words and brought them to life in her original sketches for The Last Tale of T’Lar.

♦ Finally, very special thanks to the Amazon team for their much-needed and appreciated advice and editing and marketing skills. I wish to singly thank and praise Elise , the Amazon CreateSpace editor who brutally, mercilessly (albeit appropriately) edited my book and this game and pushed me to finally make it readable.


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