Table Top Game (TTG) description

The Table Top Game (TTG) edition of Venturers of Airth® is a fantasy board game set on the magical world of Airth.  Venturer players, represented by graphic cards and colorful tokens, explore an underground dwarven complex in search of a lost person and the promise of treasure. The complex is constructed in real time by the players each placing hex tile on their turn. Random activities and monsters occur on every turn according to Encounter cards. 

Combat is resolved using a 2d10 variable combat system. Combat could occur between a player and a monster, another player or groups of monsters or players. 

Alliances may be formed or broken between players. 

Items and services may be bartered whenever players are close to each other. 

A group of players in one encounter area (game board or table) may force merge themselves into another group’s area (game board or table), resulting in a single game with up to 8 players and 2 GMs. Playing on, they may participate as chance acquaintances, allies or adversaries. There is no game limit to the number of groups that may merge.

The game boards, tactics and strategies are limitless. 

A typical game between 4 players and 1 Game Master runs 1 hour using the Alpha rules and 2-4 hours using the Delta rules. Beta and Gamma lie in between. Merged games may run longer.

The Alpha level of game play is suitable for beginning players and ALL players should start here. The Delta and Epsilon levels will intrigue and challenge the most experienced of gamers.  

As a component of the unified gaming system, Venturers of Airth® TTG is compatible and consistent with the Venturers of Airth Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG). 

FRPG gamers may convert their role-playing Venturer character into a TTG card and TTG gamers may expand their Venturer into a full role playing character through membership in our online Venturers Guild. 

Locations, events, magic and key characters are consistent between the TTG, FRPG and The Tales of Airth book series. As the Tales of Airth books reveal additional secrets of Airth, the games will be expanded to include the additional species, magic and realms. 

Become a Venturer and seek your fame and fortune on the wondrous, magical and ever changing world of Airth.


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