The Venturer Classes of Airth

Venturers are a special type of humanoid from all of the species that possess unique abilities and the will to explore the world. Below are the currently known Classes.  Others will be added as they are discovered.

* Art Credits – Images by Nahuel Ventura & Phu Thieu


Fighters are of all species except halfling and earn fame and fortune through combat. Their parents and their village or town’s swords masters teach them weaponry at an early age. The sword is the first weapon they learn, quickly followed by any two more. Hand-to-hand combat, without any form of weapon, is covered only briefly. Each fighter is then taken to the eldest fighter in his region for a contest of arms where they are first exposed to the secret crimson magic of fighters—which is usually quite a painful experience! After learning not to prejudge an opponent, the fighter is taught three crimson-magic combat spells.


A healer may be of any humanoid species except halfling. Children are taken at about seven years of age to train as apprentices and learn the healing arts. Due to their intensive mental training, a very few acquire unusual mental abilities. A healer’s magical training also includes physical alterations not of a healing nature.
Traveling alone, wearing their golden mantles of healing, healers are easily recognized and relatively safe. They go where they are needed. An army or a large party facing danger without at least one healer would be very unusual. Healers normally will fight other humanoids only in self-defense and then never with iron weapons. Iron (four ounces or more) in a healer’s possession—or his patient’s—will prohibit the use of the golden force.


Specialists can be of any humanoid species and are specialized, non-magically enhanced venturers of many occupations. They normally start training in their home villages and then team up with experienced specialists for an additional four or more years of practical training. They may learn tracking, animal identification, wilderness survival, skulking, hand-to-hand combat, and other unique non-magical skills.
Specialist scouts are normally employed for border patrol and reconnaissance work. Specialist martial artists are proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Specialist thieves focus on the more nonsocial aspects of life such as cat-burglary and pickpocketing. Specialists may be of nearly any profession limited only by the player’s imagination.


Wizards may be of any humanoid species except halfling. Four years’ apprenticeship is required at the tower or stronghold of a master. The training and rituals involved are deeply kept secrets. Wizards exhibit great mental self-discipline, are known for their linguistic prowess (they speak the languages of all seven humanoid species), and are wielders of the cobalt-blue force. Cobalt-blue spells control the elemental forces of the world. They are manifestations created by a wizard’s grasping, forming, and directing this arcane force. They are cast through concentration, recitation, and hand gestures.

With training, wizards may enter and act upon the astral plane and, after initiation, may travel to an infinite number of parallel worlds.

Iron (four ounces or more) in a wizard’s possession will prohibit the use of the cobalt force.