A Rich History

Venturer’s of Airth has a rich 30 year history. It all began in the living room of RJ Borton. Several friends at work decided to start a fantasy role playing group. The games of the day where becoming very rule centric. RJ wanted a gaming system that was fast to play and also contained some reality, particularly with combat. After an extensive review of the fantasy literature the world of Airth was born.

They continued to play in his living room and test the rules. Eventually a limited release of the games was distributed. When the role playing market took a turn for the worse, RJ switched to fantasy writing. He worked on his book, The Last Tale of T’lar, on evenings and weekends balancing the crazy schedule of raising his three children.

After a hiatus focusing on his family, the world of Airth was reborn as Venturer’s of Airth®. The rules have been updated and The Last Tale of T’lar and the Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG) rules have been published on Amazon. His son Jason has come aboard to help design and expand the game. His expertise in Metaphysics has expanded the magic system making it more realistic and giving it an organic quality.

Rj wanted to take the gaming system further and began developing a table top version of the game that takes the elements of Role Playing and puts them in an easy to play Table Top format. Working together, RJ and Jason created the Table Top Game (TTG); Venturers of Airth – The Mines of Sable Scoria. A young childrens’ version of the game, where younger children are able to play with their parents using a subset of the Alpha level rules, has been released in the Free Younglings section of this website.

Currently they are both working on expanding the world of Airth. Their goal is to usher in a new generation of gamers with vibrant, active imaginations.