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Are you ready to venture forth and explore the magical world of Airth™?  A world much like our own where where humankind scattered after the incident at Babile that forever changed the future of the world.  Rather than technology, mankind developed magic, and human life splintered into various humanoid species, each with unique abilities and powers.  Let your adventure start with the first book in the Tales of Airth™ series, The Last Tale of T’Lar, then continue to explore the world in the fantasy role playing game, Venturers of Airth™, which is also the world of Venturers of Airth™, a revolutionary role-playing game designed and written by the same author, RJ Borton.

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World of Airth

World of Airth

Discover more about the locations and creatures of Airth.

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Tales of Airth

Stories of Airth

Stories about the world of Airth. Includes many tales of our heroes.

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Venturer's Society

Venturer’s Guild

Learn more about the Venturer’s community and how to become a guild member.

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Current Publications

Venturers of Airth Table Top Game

Venturers of Airth® Table Top Game (TTG) ‘The Mines of Sable Scoria’, is a fast paced, fantasy game set on the magical and dangerous world of Airth®. Players start their venturing career by exploring an underground dwarven complex in search of a lost person and the promise of treasure.

Each game is a new venture! The game board is expanded every turn giving a unique dungeon each time. Player encounters are guided by random Encounter cards, so no one knows what lurks behind each shadow! Players may find magic item cards which can be used to tip the balance of power or be traded with other players.

Additional players, monsters, treasures and items are available in expansion sets. There is even the option to merge two or more games together allowing group combat or tournament play. The plot lines and the possibilities for fun and adventure are endless.

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The Last Tale of T’Lar

Set in a fantasy world where magic prevails and technology is stymied, The Last Tale of T’Lar chronicles the journey of seven humanoid adventurers mysteriously called into a quest to summon the world’s two most powerful wizards to an epic battle that can only occur in one place—the original site where magic was born.Led by a flamboyant, traveling bard, the adventurers must brave the mysterious land and combat depraved monsters, creatures of destruction, and evil armies if they are to succeed—though even their success could ultimately result in more devastation. Bringing together these two great wizards means that one will be destroyed, and whoever survives will have the fate of the world in his command.

The Last Tale of T’Lar is full of action, suspense, and highly imaginative speculation. It’s sure to appeal to fans of fantasy fiction, as well as to those interested in FRPG-style gaming.

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Venturers of Airth Fantasy Role Playing Game

The mysterious world of Airth™, where technology has been hindered but magic thrives, is a land ripe with endless possibilities. Humans, elves, and other magical creatures walk the landscape side by side—uncovering secrets, exploring new places, and learning to separate friend from dangerous foe.

And now, becoming a unique inhabitant of Airth™ is easier than ever, with a rulebook containing everything you need to get started playing the fantasy role-playing game.

In Venturers of Airth™, you’ll find everything from character stats to gameplay advice, including how players can now optionally replace dice and paperwork with smartphones and computers for quick reference during gameplay.

So get ready to unleash your imagination, gather a few friends, and embark on an epic adventure filled with thrilling surprises.

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